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Save time with our virtual guided tours

Every single property can be visited on our site virtually.
With our virtual guided tour videos, you can take an extensive tour of any property and easily understand if it is suitable for you.

Video. Drone Videos. Floor Plans

At 24 Estates we have very high standards for visuals. In addition to the virtual guided tours, you will also always find the easy understandable floor plans and drone videos whenever possible.

You will also have a view of the immediate surroundings (the street, the building when it is about a flat, …)

Over 30 filter criterias

Very often when searching for a property on the internet it is difficult to filter the results because most of the websites don’t have all the filter criterias you want.

You will find on our website the most advanced filter with over 30 different criterias.

Search on Map

The 24 Estates property search tool allows you to geographically search directly on the map, allowing you to focus on your preferred geographical areas.

In addition, for each property you will be able to view all the amenities nearby: supermarkets, restaurants, schools, golfs, tennis, beaches, etc.

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You can save your search. Next time when you visit 24 Estates website you can apply the same filter with just one click.

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Add private notes for your favourite properties.
Observations and comments, special features, pros and cons, anything you want.
Rate each property from your list by giving it a score from 1 to 5 stars.
It will make your final selection easier.

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Create a shortlist of the properties you like by adding them to a favourite list.

What's nearby?

Find for each property how far it is from important points of interest (restaurants, supermarkets, golf clubs, tennis clubs, beaches, schools)

Property prices

Want to have an idea about property prices in different areas?
You can use our appraisal tool.

Tax and cost calculator for selling, buying a property in Spain, by region.

Thanks to this tool created by 24 Estates, you can evaluate the costs and in particular the taxes related to the sale, possession and purchase of real estate in Spain.
There is information on the different types of taxes related to real estate in Spain, including the yearly taxes for owning a property.

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